MAD art school temecula offers Our classes are tought by professional artists and educators from painting, cartooning, sketching, sculpting and many more areas.

M.A.D. Art School Temecula


What makes M.A.D. Art School Temecula a great place to learn and grow as an artist?

  • Individual Attention
    In order to ensure that each student receives the gentle, patient guidance and feedback needed to explore and cultivate their artistic ability, we limit our classes to 7-8 students per teacher.

  • Fun for all skill levels!

    Whether you are just picking up a brush, sketchpad, sculptor's tool or chisel for the first time or are already on the path and looking to break through to the next level, you will have FUN!

  • Create, Not Imitate!

    We follow a curriculum called "We Be Free" (Sample MAD) which honors and enourages each student to explore their own unique style while learning essential building blocks from great artists of history.  "Create, Not Imitate" is our motto!

  • Variety

    We offer art classes for all ages. Taught by professional artists and educators, our courses include painting, sketching, sculpting, cartoon art and more.

  • Certification
    M.A.D. Art School Temecula offer a one year certificate program based on art history and art application from “We Be Free”. They cover 12 different painting and drawing styles, by learning 12 different artists. Printmaking and sculpture techniques will also be implemented throughout the year. Each month MAD’s will explore a different artist. Traditional, academic and contemporary techniques will be explored. Special projects will be assigned throughout the year based on artists of the past. Students are encouraged to explore and learn from each artist as much as possible while still possessing unique style.


Our Student Gallery

Below are some of our students work.

Maggie, 8 years
Miranda, 11 years
Isabella, 8 years
Julia, 12 years
Maggie, 8 years
Lauren, 9 years
Ethan, 7 years

Brandon, 10 years
Kylie Larkin, 17 years
Elza, 3 years



  • Please contact us before you come to a class as we limit each class with 7-8 students. Thank you!
  • We are now an approved vendor for Excel College Prep Academy (ECPA).

Our Location

We have moved to a new location. Please check the contact page for directions. Thank you.

41690 Enterprise Circle North, Suite 218
Temecula, CA 92590

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